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PROT.OB, SVA, SIRO, SKH 4 Companies Caring for Your Health

Posted, by pennyotcstox on September 23rd, 2010

Proteonomix, Inc., (OTCBB:PROT.OB) Medical tourism is on the rise and anticipated to continue to grow substantially due to current high costs of health care for certain procedures and improvements in both technology and standards of care in many countries. Panama boasts facilities providing a wide variety of procedures including cosmetic surgeries, dental implants and orthopedic surgery. India has many corporately owned hospitals that do not have the overcrowding issues that many public hospitals have. India's Escorts Heart Institute performs over 15,000 operations a year and holds a mortality rate that is less than half that of many U.S. and European hospitals. Brazil has become one of the top countries in the world for plastic and cosmetic surgery. Their doctors must undergo 11 years of rigorous medical school and residency to practice and therefore have some of the most skilled doctors available.

Proteonomix new subsidiary X Gen Medical LLC, has been established with the intention of conducting business in the global medical marketplace. Proteonomix plans on utilizing X Gen Medical to serve as a platform for joint ventures with medical facilities worldwide. It is anticipated that new relationships formed with X Gen Medical will create medical facilities capable of not just attracting treatments locally, but also acting as hubs for “medical tourism”.

Proteonomix is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapeutics based upon the use of human cells and their derivatives. Proteoderm, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Proteonomix that has recently opened its retail web site, Proteoderm.com, and begun accepting pre-orders for its anti-aging line of skin care products. StromaCel, Inc.’s goal is the development therapeutic modalities for the treatment of Cardiovascular Disease. StromaCel, Inc. is pursuing the licensing of other technologies for therapeutic use. National Stem Cell, Inc. is Proteonomix’s operating subsidiary. The Sperm Bank of New York, Inc. is a fully operational tissue bank. Proteonomix Regenerative Translational Medicine Institute, Inc. intends to focus on the translation of promising research in stem cell biology and cellular therapy to clinical applications of regenerative medicine. Proteonomix intends to create and dedicate a subsidiary to each of its technologies.

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (Nasdaq:SVA), a leading China-based vaccine manufacturer, announced recently its unaudited financial results for the three-month and six-month periods ended June 30, 2010. Sales for the second quarter of 2010 were $10.3 million, up 131% from $4.4 million in the first quarter of 2010 and down 49% from $20.0 million for the second quarter of 2009. The second quarter 2010 sales were impacted in part by the continuing weakness in the private pay market following the unfounded media reports about vaccine safety in China's Shanxi province and by vaccine purchases from the Ministry of Health that has not recurred. In the second quarter of 2009, SVA sold 2.08 million doses of Healive to MOH as part of the response in connection with a flood relief effort.

Sinovac Biotech Ltd., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the research, development, manufacture, and commercialization of vaccines against the hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and influenza viruses in the People's Republic of China. It offers Healive, an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine; Bilive, a combination of hepatitis A and B vaccine; Anflu, a split virus influenza vaccine; and Panflu, a vaccine against the influenza A H1N1 virus. The company's pipeline vaccine candidates include a split viron vaccine, which completed Phase II clinical trials for the H5N1 influenza virus; and a SARS vaccine, which completed Phase I clinical trials for the SARS virus.

Sirona (NASDAQ:SIRO), the dental technology leader, recently reported that John Sweeney, Vice President of Investor Relations, presented at Baird's 2010 Health Care Conference on Tuesday, September 14th at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.

Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells dental equipment for dentists worldwide. SIRO provides a range of products in four primary areas: dental CAD/CAM systems, imaging systems, treatment centers, and instruments. Its dental CAD/CAM systems product line addresses the market for various dental restorations, such as inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, bridges, copings, and bridge frameworks made from ceramic, metal, or composite blocks.

Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc. (NYSE:SKH) recently announced that it has reached agreement to settle the case entitled VINNIE LAVENDER, by and through her Conservator, WANDA BAKER; WALTER SIMON; JACQUELYN VILCHINSKY vs. SKILLED HEALTHCARE GROUP, INC., et al (and 22 individually-named California nursing facilities receiving administrative services from Skilled Healthcare, LLC). The terms of the settlement remain subject to the approval of the Superior Court of California, Humboldt County.

Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, hospices, and a rehabilitation therapy business. Its skilled nursing facilities provide specialty care, such as chemotherapy, enteral/parenteral nutrition, tracheotomy care, and ventilator care, as well as offers various services, including room and board, special nutritional programs, social services, recreational activities, and related healthcare and other services.

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