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Pan American Metals of Miami says Gold's Continued Volatility Creates a Buying Opportunity

Posted, by dnldhd9 on September 9th, 2011

(1888PressRelease) Gold continues on a roller-coaster ride.

MIAMI, FL - Pan American Metals of Miami says Gold's Continued Volatility Creates a Buying Opportunity Gold continues on a roller-coaster ride.

Gold continues its volatile roller-coaster ride today, making it seem perhaps, less of a safe haven. However, investors should bear in mind that viable safe havens are disappearing fast. The Swiss franc, long a favorite choice for investors, has allied itself to the euro. This has a two-pronged effect on gold; on the one hand it basically removes those investors who were buying gold in one - strong - currency and selling in another -weaker - one from the market, on the other it leaves little out there as a true safe haven except for a weakening yen and precious metals bullion.

For investors looking for short-term profits, or simply wishing to increase their holdings in gold bullion, the current dip presents a buying opportunity. Many experienced traders may be buying in the dips and then taking profits when prices rise again, actions which help to control the volatility to some degree; increased buying in dips adds support to the price and helps avoid larger slides while profit-taking during peaks reduces the price again, resulting in pullbacks following each noticeable rise.
"During the current volatility, it makes sense for investors to benefit from dips to add to their holdings," says Bill Hionas of Pan American Metals of Miami. "Speculators may choose to take profits on rises while those interested in the long-term will simply buy in dips and then hold."

The gold price was further impacted today, September 7, by the news that Germany will now support a bailout for Greece. This removes one area of concern, at least for the time being, making the need for a safe haven less urgent. Market analysts predict, however, that gold will soon regain its appeal. It seems that prudent investors would indeed be well-advised to buy while they can.

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