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North Korea Aids the US Dollar

Posted, by lytman02 on November 24th, 2010

Anyeonghaseyo! The present political and military conditions particularly in the orient are very shaky given the recent artillery attack to South Korea by its neighbor up north. Yesterday (November 23), the world, especially South Korea, was caught off guard when NoKor bombarded Yeonpyeong Island with artillery shells, killing at least 2 and hurting dozens. SoKor, of course, was then forced to return fire and to scramble their fighter planes for defense. North Korea’s attack, by the way, came after it sent a warning to Seoul days earlier, demanding them to their military drills in the area.

The tension between the two Koreas started way back in 1950. In case you do not know, the two Koreas are technically still at war today since no peace treaty was ever signed following the Korean war during the 50?s. Anyway, North Korea, which was ruled by a communist government which was headed by Kim Il Sung (the father of Kim Jung Il), and South Korea with a democratic one, both wanted to unify the entire Korean peninsula under their own government. To unify the region by force, NoKor invaded South on June 1950. North almost took over the whole South but it was not able to get Pusan. The South, UN forces, and the Americans, then rallied and hit Inchon which was a city located at the north west of SoKor. This led the Southern forces to regain control of Seoul. Eventually, they were able to push most of the north forces back behind the 38th parallel...

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Authored by, lytman02
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