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(MJGCF.PK, ARO, KBH, PCX) Stock in Review by DrStockPick.com

Posted, by drstockpick on September 24th, 2011


Gold, or Au, on the periodic table of elements, has an atomic number of 79. Gold can be combined with other metals to create stronger alloys, perfect for jewelry. In larger quantities gold appears yellow, but it can be alloyed for color changes as well. Gold is unaffected by air and most reagents (meaning it does not tarnish). It is a good conductor of electricity, and also of heat. According to the World Gold Council, gold is also used in other industries such as biomedical, dental, environmental, fuel cells, nanotechnology, photography and aerospace.

MAJESTIC GOLD CORP (MJGCF.PK) engages in the exploration and development of mineral properties in China. The company focuses on its gold project located in the prolific gold region of Song Jiagou in eastern Shandong Province. Majestic Gold Corp. is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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