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(KMI, EP, BTX, CRWE) StockBling.com Stock Report from Wall Street

Posted, by tom on April 17th, 2012



BioTime, Inc. (Amex:BTX), a biotechnology company that develops and markets products in the field of regenerative medicine, reported that Chief Executive Officer Michael D. West, Ph.D. will present at the 8th GTC Stem Cell Summit 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts at 3:45 p.m. EDT on Thursday, April 19, 2012


http://pennyomega.com/img/crwenew.jpgCRWE, Crown Equity Holdings Inc., CRWE.OB

CRWE offers advertising branding and marketing services as a worldwide online multi-media publisher with its digital network of websites and focuses on the distribution of information for the purpose of bringing together a targeted audience and the advertisers that want to reach them.

CRWE?s advertising services cover and connect a range of marketing specialties, as well as provide search engine optimization for clients interested in online media awareness.

In a world driven by consumer needs and accessibility, the Internet has become the fastest and cheapest means for company and product advertising.

http://pennyomega.com/img/crads.jpgCRWE?s division CRWE AD-Services (www.crwe-adservices.com), is a full service multimedia advertising company specializing in internet marketing. It provides modern and unique advertising campaigns, dedicated to offering the most cost effective advertising solutions.

With the Internet becoming an accepted source of entertainment and information, more and more potential customers are going online everyday.

More about CRWE at www.crownequityholdings.com.


Kinder Morgan, Inc. (NYSE:KMI) and El Paso Corporation (NYSE:EP) reported that the tentative deadline for El Paso shareholders and equity award holders to elect the form of consideration they wish to receive in El Paso?s pending merger with Kinder Morgan is 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on May 23, 2012.

The election deadline may be extended, in which case Kinder Morgan will issue a press release announcing the new election deadline. The closing of the merger is expected to occur by the end of May, subject to regulatory approval.

El Paso shareholders who hold shares through a bank, broker, trust company or other nominee may have an earlier election deadline and should carefully review any instructions received from their bank, broker, trust company or other nominee.



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Authored by, tom
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