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Heckmann Succeeded New Record Year Price - NYSE:HEK

Posted, by david on December 20th, 2011

Heckmann Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, is a services-based company focused on total water solutions for shale or unconventional oil and gas exploration. Heckmann Corporation (NYSE:HEK) achieved its new price of $7.04 where it was opened at $6.81 up 0.12 points or +1.78% by closing at $6.86. HEK transacted shares during the day were over 6.55 million shares however it has an average volume of 2.22 million shares.

HEK has intra-day market capitalization $800.75 million and an enterprise value at $863.52 million. Trailing twelve months price to sales ratio of the stock was 5.45 while price to book ratio in most recent quarter was 2.66. In profitability ratios, net profit margin in past twelve months appeared at -14.03% whereas operating profit margin for the same period at 0.91%.

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Authored by, david
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