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(GRHU, TAYC, JCS, OMAB) Hot Stocks to watch by CRWESelect.com

Posted, by CRWESelect Stoc... on April 7th, 2011

GreenHouse Holdings, Inc (GRHU)

Automated Demand Response is specifically designed for a customer's specific location, energy power requirements, and also for the specific electric rates for that customer's location. Automated Demand Response does not involve human intervention, but is initiated at a facility through receipt of an external communications signal. Automated Demand Response is a rather new area of Demand Side Management (DSM) technologies and may provide a lucrative revenue stream for customers who can curtail electric load in response to demand incentives, and commodity prices. Automated demand response technology seeks to automatically, through software and hardware applications, to respond to variations in the electricity or power market prices.

Authored by, CRWESelect Stoc...
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