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(FORC, AMGN, DTV, SBUX) Noticeable Stocks by DrStockPick.com

Posted, by drstockpick on April 16th, 2011

Force Energy Corp. (FORC)

Force Energy Corporation is a Lithium and Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Company based in Denver, Colorado.

Lithium is the least dense solid metal that can be found under normal environmental conditions. Lithium is commercially extracted from deposits of pegmatitic minerals. Lithium is included in some of the drugs used for psychological treatments such as mood stabilizing. In the production of heat resistant glass and ceramics, this element is widely used, but the widest application of lithium is in batteries. Lithium is widely used for making red fireworks. Apart from these simple uses, it is used as high energy additives for rocket propellants.

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