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DNR, HIRU, SWI, KNX - Denbury Resources, Hiro Corp., SolarWinds, Knight Transportation

Posted, by HotStockPR on November 5th, 2010

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Hiru Corporation (HIRU.PK)

Hiru Corporation subsidiary Jiangxi Shaungshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Shaungshi AHP) launched the Jiangxi Shaungshi Biological Medicines Institute.

Shuangshi AHP is currently researching several new veterinary drugs for development within the next two years. The company launched this new institute to strengthen and speed up the research and development processes. The Institute will allow the company a better focus and concentration of its talent in bio-tech development and research. Shaungshi AHP has elected Li Rui to be director of the institute.

Hiru Corporation intends to continue its work in the development, production and marketing of both well-established and new veterinary drugs, and nutritional additives (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc.) for the Chinese market.

Hiru Corporation is pleased with this development and looks forward to future growth.

Hiru Corporation, through its subsidiary, Jiangxi RongYu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., produces Chinese herbs for the naturopathic industry in China. HIRU manufactures herbal supplements containing ginseng. HIRU sells and distributes pharmaceuticals, health and beauty products, dietary and herbal supplements, and other healthcare products. HIRU manufactures approximately 120 extracts used in traditional Chinese medicine. HIRU sells its products through regional distributors, as well as directly to the hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in China. Hiru Corporation is based in Henderson, Nevada.

To learn more about HIRU visit: http://www.hirucorporation.com


Denbury Resources Inc. (NYSE:DNR) announced its third quarter 2010 financial and operating results. Third quarter 2010 net income was $29.1 million, or $0.07 per basic common share, as compared to net income of $26.9 million, or $0.11 per basic common share in the third quarter of 2009. Third quarter 2010 results included the following unusual or non-cash items: non-cash losses on the change in fair value of derivatives of $41.9 million before taxes; merger and other related expenses associated with the acquisition of Encore Acquisition Company of $11.5 million before taxes; and a non-cash reduction of depletion, depreciation, and amortization representing the cumulative effect of the Company’s revised accounting policy for CO2 properties of $9.6 million before taxes.

Denbury Resources Inc. engages in the acquisition, development, operation, and exploration of oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf Coast region of the United States primarily in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama. It also owns carbon dioxide (CO2) reserves in the east of the Mississippi River and sells CO2 to third party industrial users.


SolarWinds, Inc. (NYSE:SWI) a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software to more than 97,000 customers worldwide, indicates that while IT professionals understand the need for and benefits of moving to the cloud, many continue to struggle with the challenges of managing this next big wave of computing. As a company, we make it a priority to stay on top of the challenges that our customers face on a daily basis. More and more, we are hearing about how cloud -- and related trends such as data center consolidation, virtualization and SAAS -- is driving IT organizations to re-think their IT management needs and priorities," said Suku Krishnaraj, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy for SolarWinds. "In the past, management of the IT environment was often an afterthought. But, this survey indicates that more and more IT organizations are thinking about the need to manage the performance and availability of these cloud-based services as a part of their planning process.

SolarWinds, Inc. designs, develops, markets, and supports enterprise information technology management software to information technology (IT) professionals. The company offers free tools, including desktop, laptop, or server-based applications designed for use by individual IT professionals focused on a single network or infrastructure management task.


Knight Transportation Inc. (NYSE:KNX) announced recently that Kevin Knight, Chief Executive Officer of Knight Transportation, Inc., is scheduled to present at the Baird 2010 Industrial Conference in Chicago, IL on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 8:55 a.m. CST.

Knight Transportation, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a short to medium-haul truckload carrier of general commodities in the United States. The company primarily provides asset-based dry van truckload carrier, temperature-controlled truckload carrier, and drayage services between ocean ports, rail ramps, and shipping docks. It also offers non-asset-based brokerage services on highway and rail.




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