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Posted, by PennyToBuck on April 6th, 2011

Cleantech Transit Inc. (CLNO.OB)

The biomass gasification power plant produces a valuable gas named producer gas - Syngas (Synthetic gas). The biomass (agricultural), used for this purpose is straw like materials such as: rice stems, rice husks, cotton stalks, corn stalks, millet stalks, wood dust, cane trash, wheat straws, hemp palm husks and other forms of biomass. This system can produce electric power in the range of 200kW 6.0MW by using a few parallel modular units.

Since Biomass itself is almost sulfur free, the gasification process will not produce any sulfur oxide emissions (SOx). However, fuels such as diesel and HFO contain a considerable amount of sulfur. HFO could have as much as 4% sulfur and therefore requires special additional treatment to neutralize these emissions.

Similarly the gasification of biomass produces very low concentrations of nitrous oxide emissions (NOx) when manufacturing the Syngas and thereafter leads also to low emissions in the combustion engines.

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